Marketing solar panels

From time immemorial the Sun has fascinated us and we have thought it to be God and worshipped it. There is enough evidence to show that whenever there were eclipses of the Sun our ancestors went berserk and indulged in many rituals to ward off evil spirits, they thought were swallowing up the Sun.

Since the early 1800’s there has been a different approach to the Sun, after Charles Fritts a scientist invented the first solar panels that could harness the Sun’s solar energy and produce solar power or electricity.

This invention has brought rich dividends to man and to an appreciable extent we have been able to produce a fraction of our electricity from the Sun.

Our foray into this green and clean renewable form of energy has not been desirable as we need to do better than what we have achieved so far hence an aggressive worldwide digital marketing strategy has to be formulated by all those who are concerned with the environment, to educate the people of the world on the advantages that could be accrued by us and the generations to follow in using the Sun’s free solar energy.