My Home and Your Home

You need a break from all the chores and errands you have to attend as a hard working person. If you work 24x7 there surely will be breakdown in your system. You need to take life a bit easy if you are going to pass from being an “octogenarian”. We all like to live long, so why not you too.

Attending to chores at home is demanding, so call us and we will take responsibility for your rubbish collection, pest control problem and test and tag certification and many more things that you would like us to handle.

We can do your paving where ever you want it, we can fix any lock anywhere with our expert and reliable locksmiths. We are professionals in Home services and have been helping folks like you for many years. We are called upon over and over again as our Home services are reliable, safe and inexpensive.

We have served the community well and have built a rock solid reputation. Being the leader in Home services our commitment to quality workmanship is incomparable. We strive to offer our optimum service always every time.

Call us and we will take the burden off your shoulders.

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Get your electrical appliances checked for compliances.


Keep your home and garden tidy.


Get rid of nasty pests quickly before they get out of control.

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Book a bin for prompt service

Administrators of major cities and their counterparts in the urban areas face the daunting task of managing waste of an ever increasing populace. Waste management has become a very grave issue, and regulators are promulgating stricter laws to deter the populace from irresponsible waste disposal where the environment that we live in can be harmed.

We help the community to dispose their waste responsibly, and have been doing so for more than two decades. Our commitment to protect the environment and help the community manage its waste has been and will be our primary objective.

When you call us to Book a Bin we will take up all your waste problems from then on. We will respond within ten minutes of your call and have a competitive quote sent to you. Once you have confirmed our Skip Bin Hire, the required size of Skip Bin from the many we have will be delivered to your doorstep. The Bin Hire that we offer you will take the burden from your shoulders, and once you have filled up the Skip Bin, we take total responsibility to dispose the waste responsibly. Our Skip Hire vehicles and Skip Bins are brightly painted and carry our logo, which is prominently displayed, as we are transparent in how we dispose your waste. By removing your waste in our Skip Bins and Skip Hire vehicles anyone is able to monitor our activities as we are dealing with a very sensitive issue close to the heart of everyone, the Environment.

Any callous act on our part in disposing your waste in a Bin Hire would make us both liable for prosecution as we are governed by stringent laws. When you Book a Bin from us you can be assured that your waste in our Skip Bin transported on our Skip Hire vehicle would be disposed responsibly. Our service is prompt and efficient the Bin Hire arrives on schedule, we pick the Skip Bins as soon as they are filled, and take complete responsibility from there onwards.

“For a few dollars less” you could find one of the many inexperienced waste collectors around and if they do not dispose your waste responsibly you could find yourself in immense trouble. Their Skip Bins and Skip Hire vehicles would generally be without prominent identification marks, this is a way of hiding their bona fides. If their Skip Bins andSkip Hire vehiclesare not to be found which is the case generally the authorities would come looking for you.

The Skip Bin Hire that you require must be well thought of before you make a commitment, and Book a Bin. So the next time you need to remove waste from your premises call the most reliable in the business, call us.

Book a Bin from us and see the difference in our exemplary service and commitment to detail. We have been in the business long enough to provide you the best service with a convenient Skip Bin Hire and gain your respect.

Please contact either skip bins melbourne, skip bins sydney, skip bins perth, skip bins brisbane, skip bins adelaide, skip bins hobart, skip bins dandenong and skip bins gold coast by calling 131 546.

Pest control when we need it

Pests thrive around our habitat as it is from us that they receive their daily grub. It may be from our homes, offices, barns or even fields but it is we who are their food producers. That is why they are called pests and we have been trying to get rid of them since time immemorial.

Pest control services have been working relentlessly to give our community the solace we need from the menace of pests. Pest control services have a very wide spectrum of resilient and formidable adversaries to contend with and have been doing a good job thus far.

Pest control is not necessarily only spraying chemicals around, we could employ biological and physical methods in effective Cockroach control, silverfish control, spider control, ant control, Rat control, Rodents control, Mice control and bird control.

In the case of biological methods we can introduce other species who would prey on the pests we need to control and give them a taste of their own medicine. For an example by having a cat at home you could deter the rats, rodents and mice from scurrying around when it is around. Cats can see in near darkness, they can hear the faintest of sound and have a good sense of smell.

Physical methods would be to prevent birds from perching on window sills, clothes lines and similar places. Prickly contraptions on the window sills and removing clothes line after use are some things we could do easily.

Like pests use their ingenuity to avoid us we too should use our knowledge to get the better of them. Then we can effectively achieve Cockroach control, silverfish control, spider control, ant control, Rat control, Rodents control, Mice control and bird control.

 We can initiate some very easy Pest Control methods if we could follow some very basic rules.Termite control would need some professional inputs as they are subterranean and their colonies would need to be located first.

Avoiding food being kept lying outside we could have an effective possum control in place. They could be a nuisance hence possum control is a must.

Once we can find the exact location of their colonies with careful termite inspections we can direct Termite control to that particular area. An end of lease pest control initiative is a must for all new tenants. He should also have the satisfaction of knowing that bed bugs control, flea control and wasp control too has been completed.

Call a either Pest control sydney, Pest control melbourne, Pest control gold coast, Pest control brisbane, Pest control perth, Pest control adelaide to get rid of your pests.