My Home and Your Home

You need a break from all the chores and errands you have to attend as a hard working person. If you work 24x7 there surely will be breakdown in your system. You need to take life a bit easy if you are going to pass from being an “octogenarian”. We all like to live long, so why not you too.

Attending to chores at home is demanding, so call us and we will take responsibility for your rubbish collection, pest control problem and test and tag certification and many more things that you would like us to handle.

We can do your paving where ever you want it, we can fix any lock anywhere with our expert and reliable locksmiths. We are professionals in Home services and have been helping folks like you for many years. We are called upon over and over again as our Home services are reliable, safe and inexpensive.

We have served the community well and have built a rock solid reputation. Being the leader in Home services our commitment to quality workmanship is incomparable. We strive to offer our optimum service always every time.

Call us and we will take the burden off your shoulders.

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Get your electrical appliances checked for compliances.


Keep your home and garden tidy.


House washing

We are house proud and like to keep our homes neat, clean and tidy but with very busy lifestyles especially with demanding jobs and other chores by everyone in our household this would be a very difficult task. Weekends can be demanding too, with all other home chores stacked up getting down to cleaning our blocked gutters, moss grown driveways, slippery steps and other nooks and corners could be overlooked.

For a reasonable fee you could have your home gleaming all the time by outsourcing your cleaning activities to H2ohousewashing, the dedicated one man cleaning company. I will personally attend to all your cleaning chores and get it back as new and maintain it so and take this arduous burden from your shoulders. You will love to return home after a hard day at work and relax in it’s clean comforts.

Regular house washing is important to keep away sickness and disease because you will not know what is hiding in the nooks and corners of your home. Once instructed and contracted I will carry out all allocated tasks with the utmost dedication and leave no stone unturned to give your home the perfect finish.

I will personally attend to everything you want done and am a Queensland Water Commission, certified and accredited Water efficient operator. I have been servicing the community for the last twelve years and have very detailed ideas of all that is important to home owners when it comes to cleaning.

Using modern equipment and safe chemicals certified by the relevant authorities the services offered by me are incomparable and Brisbane house washing has been my forte. I maintain a good rapport with all my customers and they have been my strength all these fruitful years on the job.

If you are house washing Brisbane giving me a chance to bring your home back to it’s resplendent glory, is not going to cost you a fortune. My overheads are low hence I am able to pass on this benefit to my customers, and also provide service par excellence, with individual detailed attention to find the hidden dirt before dirt is found or seen by others.

My housewashing and the careful disciplines that I follow to carry out all that I am contracted to do has held me in good stead.


Insurance for the construction industry

The construction industry depends on various types of insurance to keep it afloat. Construction of anything is a very arduous exercise. Many things could go wrong and is prone to accidents. The construction industry hence takes out insurance in many forms to protect their interests. Most construction projects are awarded to contractors coupled with insurance to safeguard life, limb and property by the relevant authorities.

Business insurance would cover any business within the clauses included in it. Building construction insurance would have clauses that protect the company, during the time the project is under construction. Building construction insurance or Construction insurance as the case may be can be mandatory prior to the project being awarded. Most contractors would take out Building construction insurance, Construction insurance or even Commercial insurance to safeguard the project and its progress. Commercial insurance whilst protecting the complete commercial enterprise Construction insurance could be specific and cover only construction.

Construction sites would generally be accessible to members of the public, for various reasons. They could be drivers of vehicles transporting material or many others. The law regulating construction is very strict on their safety and would insist on Public liability insurance. The Public liability insurance would defer from the Business liability insurance which is to cover liabilities of the company. Whilst Business liability insurance is a proactive step by the contractor the Public liability insurance could be forced by legislation. A contractor starting on a project is made mandatory to take out Public liability insurance and in many instances Building construction insurance. Here again depending on the type of construction a company may take out Commercial business insurance or Business insurance. In the case of Business insurance it would cover a whole business entity, whilst Commercial business insurance would cover commercial activity.

Picking the appropriate insurance cover is important, whether it is Construction insurance, Commercial insurance, Commercial business insurance, Business liability insurance or Business insurance. Whatever insurance cover a company takes out to safeguard their interests it is imperative that the clauses in the policy is carefully read over and understood. If any deviation is found out it has to be corrected. This is because when there is a claim the insurer would stick to the print on the policy. Every policy may defer from each other, what is in print on Commercial insurance, may be different to Commercial building insurance and that could defer from what is on the policy cover of the Business liability insurance.

Companies take out insurance cover to protect themselves when an unforeseen situation arises, and they find themselves liable to pay compensation or even go bankrupt. Having the correct type of insurance to cover all possibilities is a necessity. Discussing your specific needs with a insurance professional would provide the required details to take out the appropriate policy. With many insurance companies around you could also get a good deal, where you could get more for less on the premium. But you should take into account the standing of the insurer before signing on the dotted line.     





Dabbling with electricity could be very dangerous! Electricity can maim and kill! Abusive use of electricity can have disastrous consequences for you and your loved ones! Electric shock can cause cardiac arrest! Electricity is no child’s play! The safe use of electricity is imperative!

These are just some of the warnings that we have heard since we were young. But still thousands of people are maimed or killed around the world due to misuse of this very important amenity.

Strict legislation has been passed by all relevant authorities to make the use of electricity safe for all. Adhering to these laws could save lives of many but it is when a few abuse them that disaster strikes.

Taking stock of how we can be safe with electricity is important. In our homes, offices, factories and various other places we use electricity. An electrical risk assessment, and Testing and tagging, are two basic precautions that we could undertake.

An electrical risk assessment will disclose our risk factor, if any in the area under review. Prior to commissioning a company to conduct an electrical risk assessment, it is advisable to check out the provider’s bona fides. The certification you hold on an electrical risk assessment must be from an approved and affiliated organization.

The same goes for Testing and tagging too. If the Test and Tag certificate you hold is not from a recognized institution you could be in trouble with the authorities. When the local council officer comes around you should be able to produce a Test and Tag certificate from a qualified and approved company.

Testing and tagging all the electrical equipment you use is mandatory. Testing and tagging your electrical appliances, machinery and equipment is your responsibility. Obtaining the Test and Tag thumbs up alone would not suffice, you have to follow the test and tag procedure regularly when electrical tagging done.

The requirement to Test and Tag is universal and all states practice the procedure and ensure its strict compliance. If you are unable to produce a test and tag certificate when asked for by the statutory authorities, you could face a stiff fine. The certification you hold from the last test and tag must be valid. We should take these regulations very seriously and comply with the regulations as the electrical testing and tagging procedure is for our benefit and safety.

All electrical test and tag must be carried out by qualified personnel. Any electrical test and tag undertaken by un-qualified technicians could make the certification you hold null and void. It is our responsibility to see that the technician is qualified to complete an electrical test and tag successfully. All electrical test and tag technicians carry authorization.

Other very important safety features are emergency lights testing and exit light testing. Both emergency lights testing and exit light testing are imperative in closed areas with many people within it.  We are approved to certify emergency lights testing and exit light testing. Our technicians would undertake emergency lights testing and exit light testing, on a priority basis.


Make it an unforgettable journey

Jim’s is a household name in Australia, leading the way in providing quality Home Services to the community with dedication and commitment since 1989. From very humble beginnings as a one man lawn mowing service it is the largest franchisor in Australia.

With more than 3,400 franchisees conveniently spread all over Australia, today Jim’s Group has crossed the Pacific Ocean and made our presence in the USA, the land of opportunity, and also Canada.

We have not stopped there we have crossed the Atlantic Ocean too, and made our presence felt in the UK as well.

We are half across the world today and hope to make it an unforgettable journey and make our mark in the rest of Europe and into Asia too in the future.

This remarkable progress in just two and a half decades proves the impeccable desire we have to provide exemplary service to the community and striving always to uphold our reputation for quality workmanship at all times.

Jim’s Security a member of this versatile group, offers the Australian community security systems from reputed principals who are leaders in their own right.

The principals we represent spend millions of dollars on Research and Development (R&D), to develop new products that would enhance the security of our discerning customers.

The modern criminal has evolved into more daring activities and to achieve their antisocial and criminal behavior, they need to beat the systems that are constantly being developed in the world, to stop and corner them.

The home security systems that we install are state of the art. Your special needs can be accommodated and we will devise a tailor made application just for you.

We use the best security cameras available in the market and they come at affordable prices. All our cctv systems are pre-checked prior to installation as we are very concerned about your security and will not compromise on it.

The cctv cameras we would install in your premises will provide clear pictures of the areas under review to enable identification of criminals if the unforeseen occurs. Our commitment is as clear as the images that the cctv camera would be relaying.

Using state of the art home security systems we are able to connect you to your home wherever you may be, via your smart phone. The alarm monitoring system we offer is a boon to home owners because they remain in constant touch with their loved ones and knowing well that they are safe.

The alarm systems that we could install could make possible criminals cringe just knowing what it does to their well orchestrated plans. When the burglar alarms ring they will instantly know that they are in hot water.

Taking to their heels would be their only choice without being apprehended, but they would not be safe from the long arm of the law, as their mug shots would have been recorded in the cctv network and bringing them to justice would be just a matter of time.


Office window tinting Melbourne

Solar window tinting film installed by Office window tinting Melbourne has been developed to cut heat emissions passing through glass window panes up to 80%, glare by 93% and Ultra Violet radiation by 99%. This helps to keep indoors safe, comfortable and also give some solace on your wallet.

The reduction of these three important components of the Sun which are harmful, irritating and uncomfortable would give a cooler and bearable interior. The reduction in defused heat and glare would increase the efficiency of the air-conditioning systems, as the interior would need a substantial reduction in cool air.

Our homes where we need all the comfort that we would yearn for would welcome tinted windows. The solar film installed on your windows would reinforce the glass window panes, and make it shatter proof and also difficult to break by vandals who have made it a habit to break windows and gain entry.

Home window tinting Melbourne has provided solutions to many homes to overcome their anxiety of bringing down energy costs, which is soaring today. Solar window tinting which would cut down on UV rays, would make your home safe for children who have sensitive skins. Their skins are vulnerable to UV rays, and could cause irritations of the skin or even skin cancer.

In the event of an accident the solar window tinting would hold the glass pane together preventing shards of glass pieces causing serious injury to those around. This has been a very dangerous phenomenon in homes with large glass windows, where children and even adults have been seriously injured.

Solar window film brings many advantages and also protection which sometimes we cannot do without. Projectiles thrown at windows installed with solar film would not shatter it, and breaking such a window is no mean task.

Our car is nothing but a tin can on wheels and with luxury trappings inside. Without air-conditioning we would not be able to drive around in comfort, but the air-conditioning too takes a beating with the ambient temperature rising during the height of summer.

The answer would be the installation of solar window film by Car window tinting Melbourne, the leaders in the business having years of experience in serving the community here. Our technical staff are trained to fix solar window film perfectly to blend with the car windows to bring the elegance that we all desire.


Fencing compliments the style of your home

We humans have always relied on fencing to protect ourselves from trespasses, undesirables and wild animals. Fences cannot be considered as the ultimate in protection, as it can be breached. It is towards this end that laws have been promulgated, where trespass is considered a criminal offense.
Once you have fenced yourself in, with whatever material you may have used, it becomes illegal for anyone to enter without your express permission. If any one does so, it would amount to criminal trespass where the trespasser could be liable for prosecution.
Hence fencing your property securely is imperative and prevents those whom you would want to keep out, staying out. Our ancestors and forefathers relied more on wood, as it was readily available anywhere, and could be easily used to serve the purpose of performing the same task.
With the discovery of iron ore and the products that were possible to be manufactured from it, fencing took a new dimension. Iron came to be used as nails, hooks and even wire to add variety to the type of fencing that came to be erected during that time.
From then onwards different materials natural and manmade were used to erect fences. Today we still use wood, but with this commodity becoming an environmental issue and it’s use strictly monitored the use of wood for fencing is becoming dearer.
Timber fencing could be comparatively more expensive than other materials, like an alloy of Zinc and Aluminium or steel. Even hard plastics are used today for fencing, as it is a material that does not rust or decay. Plastics with their easy malleable quality are usually very popular for decorative fencing, especially indoors.
Australia’s own product Colorbond fencing which is of international standards is very popular with home owners for it’s easy installation and maintenance, and ten year warranty.
Plastics or similar materials are sometimes used for screen fencing, which obscures areas that you would want visitors to your home not to see.
Today most homes in Australia have swimming pools and it is mandatory that they are well enclosed to prevent accidents from happening. Pool fencing is available in many types of materials and they all serve the purpose, of keeping the pool area secure.
If you employ qualified and experienced fencing contractors they could advice you on the best options in fencing, and for pools glass pool fencing is appropriate.  


Hours of fun and a day to remember

Add excitement to your party by calling Bouncy castle hire Melbourne and setting up a Jumping or Bouncy castle at the premises to give you and your friends or the children, hours of fun and an exhilarating experience.

Made to the highest international safety requirements and conforming to all relevant Australia Standards our equipments are the safest for you and your kids. We have always striven to ensure that our Bouncy and Jumping castles once delivered and set up are supervised at all times by a responsible representative from our company.

Present at the site he would ensure that safety measures are in place and no untoward accident occurs, whilst allowing you and the kids to have the fun you all deserve. Jumping castle hire are affordable and hassle free to order, a few minutes to set up and less to deflate and remove.

Jumping castle hire Melbourne ensures the highest standards of safety by anchoring all Jumping and Bouncy castles that we set up. It has been reported that wind speeds of 40 kmph and over have blown away similar inflated equipment and caused dangerous situations.  

A simple telephone call would set the ball rolling at our end and we will ensure that the Jumping or Bouncy castle you order fits in the premises you have the party and is removed as soon as your party is over. If we see fit we would visit you and inspect the area you propose to set up the inflatable castle and advice you on the size of castle you could have.

We have been a part and parcel of many successful birthdays, office, re-union and other parties and would be glad to pass on our expertise to make your party a success too. We have very courteous staff and they would help you in making your day a happy and memorable one.