My Home and Your Home

You need a break from all the chores and errands you have to attend as a hard working person. If you work 24x7 there surely will be breakdown in your system. You need to take life a bit easy if you are going to pass from being an “octogenarian”. We all like to live long, so why not you too.

Attending to chores at home is demanding, so call us and we will take responsibility for your rubbish collection, pest control problem and test and tag certification and many more things that you would like us to handle.

We can do your paving where ever you want it, we can fix any lock anywhere with our expert and reliable locksmiths. We are professionals in Home services and have been helping folks like you for many years. We are called upon over and over again as our Home services are reliable, safe and inexpensive.

We have served the community well and have built a rock solid reputation. Being the leader in Home services our commitment to quality workmanship is incomparable. We strive to offer our optimum service always every time.

Call us and we will take the burden off your shoulders.

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Get your electrical appliances checked for compliances.


Keep your home and garden tidy.


Get rid of nasty pests quickly before they get out of control.

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